Travel Europe - France

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Travel to Europe

Adventures in Europe once in a lifetime opportunity to see many of the most famous spots in the world. For the quintessential European experience, make sure you to France, Italy, and Germany, you will find a church that many famous castles, monuments, fountains, museums and beautiful scenery around these countries.

Go to France.

You may want to start traveling in the city of Paris. Evening trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower or take a boat in the Seine makes you realize why Paris is called the "City of Lights." Visitors flock artists of Montmartre and the taste of crepes while enjoying the spectacular view of Paris Take the time to show that you can see the Moulin Rouge cabaret show that bright Getting to Paris is not complete without a visit Louvre's famous the world where you can see Da Vinci's Mona Lisa and many of the other works of art, classical Take daytrip short outside of Paris. to visit the palace of Versailles was created by a magnificent king Louis XIV.

Italy world famous for food, brilliant architecture and its beautiful cities to visit Michelangelo 's Lost in the Sistine Chapel Vatican, including the ruins of the Roman Forum and Coliseum. Make sure you take the time to taste the ice cream or ice cream next time in the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps in perspective. Once in Italy, you should not miss to visit Venice, the city built on water. Ride the beautiful churches and centuries ago in a gondola and see the old palazzos there is no reason for tourists to Venice for hundreds of years.

If you want to see the fairytale castle, while in Europe you have to go to the castle. Neuschwanstein and Ludhorf outside Munich.
This is a beautiful castle on Walt Disney, which simulate the beauty of the castle bed and they are set within a tranquil mountain scenery of Bavaria