Crohn’s disease life expectancy

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Crohn’s disease life expectancy. Having Crohn’s Disease doesn’t mean that you are going to drop dead tomorrow, or have a life ten years shorter than everyone else. People with Crohn’s Disease have a relatively normal life expectancy compared to the general population.
You may need to make lifestyle changes to make sure that your Crohn’s disease life expectancy in remission, but on the whole people with Crohn’s Disease can do anything that they put their minds to.

Some lifestyle changes can include diet, getting enough exercise and keeping stress and stress levels in check. By looking after yourself and your body you can enjoy life as much as the next person.
The risk of dying from an acutely serious attack of Crohn’s Disease in this day and age is relatively low. If you had Crohn’s Disease in the 1950’s the risk of death due to a serious attack of Crohn’s was well over 30 percent! ( Detail from about Crohn’s disease life expectancy )
Crohn's disease life expectancy