Top 10 Vacation Spots in Asia

Friday, September 21, 2012

Top 10 Vacation Spots in Asia
1. Goa, India: The star attraction of India, with golden beaches and a carefree lifestyle!

2. Bali, Indonesia: The stone sculptures of Bali are world famous. Along with those, get a glimpse of some beautiful gold and silver handicrafts.

3. Bangkok, Thailand: Bangkok houses the Reclining Buddha Tempe which attracts a lot of tourists. And after that, go SHOPPING!!!

4. Tokyo, Japan: The land of the rising sun, and rightly so. Go explore the beautiful and hardworking country of Japan. And of course, visit the Tokyo Disney Land as well!

5. Udaipur, India: If you want to take a sneak peek at a royal lifestyle, visit this city of palaces in India. You'll lose yourself in the beautiful palace hotels and also enjoy a desert life!

6. Kathmandu, Nepal: The land of the sherpas has a lot to offer with scenic views and a mountaineering paradise nestled in the Great Himalayas!

7. Kerala, India: You'll understand why this place is called God's own country only after you visit it. So I'm not ruining it for you!

8. Bandaling, China: If its China, its got to be great! You know where I'm heading. Yes, the Great Wall of China! Can't miss it!

9. Philippines: A major tourist attraction in Asia, with its scenic beauty, museums, etc.

10. Maldives: An archipelago of sorts, this island country is the lowest in the world in terms of altitude. Since it is an island country, it has extensive beaches and derives more than half of its economy from travel and tourism related activities.