Top 10 Vacation Spots in Europe

Saturday, September 22, 2012

1. London, England: Big Ben. London Eye, Buckingham Palace, take your pick!

2. Venice, Italy: One of the top 10 vacation spots for couples, Venice, Italy offers a perfectly romantic atmosphere with its foggy ambiance and gondolas complete the legendary Casanova attribute!

3. Paris, France: One of the most beautiful and well planned cities in the world, France and fashion's capital, Paris is also home to the stunning Eiffel Tower!

4. Amsterdam, Holland: If you love tulips, this is the place to visit. Don't forget your camera, because this city has some breathtaking views!

5. Albufeira, Portugal: A perfect vacation spot if you're in a mood for the real Portugal, away from maddening crowds.

6. Madrid, Spain: Art, partying and lots and lots of delicious food is what you'll get in Madrid. I rest my case

7. Florence, Italy: A haven for art lovers and heart lovers! Don't miss how stylish the people in Florence, Italy are!

8. Rome, Italy: Can't get enough of Italy without visiting the Eternal City! Make sure you cover the archaeological hotspots in the day and hit the night clubs, come dusk.

9. Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland: A gorgeous city, tucked away in valleys and hills and waterfalls! And you can ski here too!

10. Greek Islands: You can't possibly complete a trip to Europe without visiting these beautiful islands in the Aegean sea. Beaches, cliffs, churches, etc. etc. etc.