Indian Restaurant in Dubai

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Indian cuisine is widely appreciated internationally and always remains the ultimate choice of gourmets. Over the years, from time immemorial, varied cultures have made India their home, each one adding their own ingredient to local Indian traditions, food and customs.

Each culture that has made India their home, have inevitably created a tantalizing cauldron of spices and other ingredients to delight the palate. Mughlai is one such cuisine that is famous around the whole world.

You can find the most striking Mughlai cuisines at Indian restaurants in Dubai, UAE as well.Chefs at these restaurants are determined to preserve the tradition of maintaining the innate passion of Mughlai food. For this the preparation is kept in the very traditional way, without deviating from the original cuisine and recipes. Every ingredient that is added to each recipe is done so with great thought and passion for food.

Indian Restaurant
The Indian restaurants at UAE boast of an endless list of well satisfied clientele ranging from diplomats to celebrities, and famed movie idols. The most sought after dish in the Indian restaurants at UAE is the original mutton biryani. It is a unique fact that semi cooked rice and mutton are cooked together in the same pot or cauldron, while preparing this exotic dish. It’s prepared in the traditional Dum method, where the biryani is cooked under intense heat, using charcoal. Apart from Dum Biryani, Butter Chicken, Khichda and Dabba Gosht are the all time favorites of the exclusive clientele at Indian restaurants in Dubai.

Indian Restaurant in Dubai
Moreover, there are many catering menu choices to choose from- a wide variety in appetizers, starters, like tandoori dishes from Chicken Seekh Kebab to Machli Sikhandari. Choices of Indian breads like Nan and Roomali Rotis, exotic Indian desserts like Gajar Halwa, Ras Malai, Kulfi and so on.

One such famous Mughlai Indian restaurant at UAE is Delhi Darbar. The chefs there take utmost pride and pleasure in serving lip smacking, aromatic and exotic Mughlai cuisine dishes in Dubai. D├ęcor too is taken utmost care of and is in floral or balloon arrangements. Audio or visual light arrangements, decoration lights, theme parties, tent and shamiana, lots more besides are undertaken for outdoor catering purposes. The Mansuri’s cook book at the Indian cuisine Dubai offers not only exotic Mughlai dishes but also typical north Indian cuisine of tandoori rotis and kebabs, desserts, beverages and Chinese Schezwan dishes.

Dining at Dubai Indian cuisine restaurants that serves Mughlai, transport you back in time to the glorious eras of the past, regaling your palate with the rich and right mixes of spices and condiments, cooked to perfection.