Wonderful Barcelona

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Barcelona Beautiful city.
Barcelona, ​​Spain is one of the city with special rights, especially concerning the location of a if the. Occupies the north eastern coast of the peninsula with the bath water of the Mediterranean Sea. Barcelona is not the largest city in Spain. But the second largest in population and size. But sometimes it manages to accommodate growth over the territory's capital Madrid It is a catalog Lo Mania is famous and popular because of the good work that the host Antoni Gaudi.

Barcelona Palace
Barcelona City impress you.
Everyone who visits falls in love with Barcelona, ​​it was typical Mediterranean town and you'll know it as you first step on the road. Mediterranean affects everywhere you look in the city: in the history of their customs and traditions of their culture and its food. City is thought to have been founded by the Romans in the 2nd century BC and has grown ever since.

Period's most prosperous city in the 19th century changed the year 1888 when Barcelona hosted the event at the World Fair came to the attention of everyone and change the city as a symbol of hard work. In fact, hard work is actually in Barcelona, ​​and when you see the city view you would understand it. Bring modern elegance to Barcelona, ​​and this is one of the many reasons why it is such a popular city and why it sometimes for the tourists than the city of Madrid.

Hotel in Barcelona
"The first time you receive when you visit Barcelona, ​​you are not in the same city. But the complexity of the city; This feeling arises from the fact that Barcelona has a lot of influences from various cultures that ruled it in the century. For example, as the Gothic center untouched and narrow cobbled streets with the contrast with the modern way. However, the contrast is so beautiful that form a balance between old and new

Hotels in Barcelona.
It is clear that you want to sleep when you go to Barcelona; Accommodation is not a problem for cities is a list of hotels are very long and will have something for every taste and pocket all the money, do not worry.