Tourist Attractions in Shanghai, China

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Shanghai tourist attractions are easily accessible from the center of the city and will keep you enthralled during your stay in the city. Some of the popular tourist destinations in Shanghai are:

Yuyuan Gardens
Yuyuan garden is located in the center of Shanghai's old city and is one of the few remaining old tourist sites in Shanghai. The garden is built in traditional Chinese style and features several rock and tree gardens. Ponds, zigzagging bridges, scores of doorways and dragon lined walls are characteristics of this garden. When you enter the garden you are welcomed by its scenic beauty. The small ponds adorned with shrubs, trees and rocks on the sides, simply overwhelm the soul. The garden is surrounded by a bazaar or market that has vendors selling all kinds of stuff from wares to food stuff. So you should have plenty of time if you want to absorb the beauty of Yuyuan as well as do some shopping at the bazaar.

The Bund shanghai
The Bund
It is said that if you visit Shanghai and fail to visit the Bund, then you've not really seen China. The Bund, an epitome of Shanghai's history is one of the most prominent architectural features of the city. The Bund usually refers to the buildings and wharves sweeping along the western side of the Huangpu river. Many banks and financial institutions opened their offices here, making the Bund the financial capital of Asia. The buildings that should specifically be on your look out list are the old Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, the Bank of China, the Peace Hotel and the Customs House.

Dianshan Hu Lake
Dianshan Hu Lake situated in the west of of Zhujiajiao in Qingpu in the Shanghai municipal area is a natural freshwater lake that is a must-visit. This 60 sq km area lake is the upstream of Huangpu river and happens to be the only natural lake in the whole of Shanghai. Since it's the only natural lake in the area and the only source of water, it is monitored thoroughly and the lake water is therefore clean. Numerous fish, shrimps and crabs are seen to dwell in this lake. On the southeastern stretch of the lake is a holiday resort and to the eastern bank of the lake lies a large public bathing area.

Shanghai Museum
Shanghai Museum
Located in the midst of people's square of Shanghai is another popularly visited tourist destination called the Shanghai Museum. The exterior of the museum features a round shaped dome with a square base, thereby indicating the traditional Chinese idea of a square land and a circular heaven. The museum houses several artifacts such as ancient sculpture, ancient ceramics, ancient bronze paintings, calligraphy and so on. They are distributed across 11 galleries and the museum serves as the best means to have a look at the various types of Chinese art and architecture. The museum is the door to learning all about ancient China.