10 Things to watch Out For In Venezuela

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thriving rainforest, magnificent waters and splendid landscapes make Venezuela a prime tourist spot in this side of the American continent. With so many things to do and so many places to visit, Venezuela can offer travelers more than just places to visit and activities to engage in. Pack your bags and buy your ticket for a true South American escape; here’s where you spend your stay in this country.

1.) The Amazon
The Amazon
Visit Venezuela and enter its jungle for a truly different experience. Walk with Venezuelan guides into the jungle and discover the diversity that characterizes the Amazon. If walking is not your thing, ride with the locals in one of the three rivers that run deep into the Amazon for a virtually different Amazonian tour.

2.) Angel Falls
Angel Falls
Water plummeting some 979 meters down the slope is a sight not to be missed in any Venezuelan trip. Visit Venezuela from January to May and experience the magic of the falls at its best. While at it, take a trip down to Canaima and dip into its crimson red lagoon.

3.) The Caribbean Coast
The Caribbean Coast
A favorite honeymoon site and holiday destination, the Caribbean Coast offers more than just fun and games for newlyweds, family, and friends. Visit the Caribbean coast for some outdoor activities like swimming, boating, diving, and snorkeling. The idyllic place with turquoise blue water and coconut palms makes any activity, even sitting or lying lazily on the beach, a truly memorable experience

4.) Orinoco River
Orinoco River
Ride the flow of one of the longest rivers on Earth and discover Venezuela as it unfurls itself in every row. Feed your eyes with some of the most beautiful plants and animals that make this side of the Amazon truly a nature’s living Mecca. Join Paso a Nado Internacional de los Rios Orinoco-Caroní organized on this river and compete with some 1000 swimmers.

5.) The Andes
The Andes
Move one step closer to heaven by engaging in a trek in this alpine escape. The longest mountain range in the world hosts equally long list of tourist destination, facilities and travel opportunities that could really bring your adventure to the next level. Pack your bags and be ready for some high altitude adventure with Andes Mountain Range.

6.) Catatumbo Lightning
Catatumbo Lighting
A Venezuelan tourist site can disprove the claims that lightning do not strike the same place twice and thunder comes after lightning. Tourists of this place on the southwest part of Lake Macaibo can watch an all-night’s worth of lightning without covering their ears. The reason for this phenomenon is unknown, perhaps the thunder’s throat got all sore from all those lightning.

7.) Colonia Tovar
Colonia Tower
Discover these colonial houses in the heart of cloud-covered Venezuelan forests. Tourists, especially Caracas locals, visit Colonia Tovar especially on weekends to have a taste of German sausages and other delights. Visitors are also treated with lush surrounding and warm people.

8.) Guacharo Cave
Guacharo Cave
Guacharo Cave is any spelunker’s dream come true. Measuring some 10.2 kilometers, Guacharo cave is the longest cave system in Venezuela. Watch in awe while thousands of native oilbirds living in Guacharo cave total darkness leave by the cave mouth during dusk in search for food.

9.) Roraima
Splendid rock formations, quartz deposits, waterfalls, and exotic carnivorous plants make Roraima an alluring place to go especially for nature lovers and climbing aficionados. Test your strength on its cliffs and climb up the plateau for a truly wonderful experience. All-inclusive tours are available for people who wanted to take on the Roraima challenge in San Francisco de Yuruaní or Paraitepuí.

10.) Anacondas
Venezuelan lands offer its visitor a chance to get real close to wild flora and fauna in their natural habitat. Learn more about the snake that has captured the imagination of scriptwriters and film directors. Just make sure these big snakes won’t get too close and personal with you.