Ten Sporting Holiday Ideas

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sports holidays are fast becoming popular as many people find it difficult to take time off to pursue sports separately from holidays. Sports holidays are a great way to combine fun and exercise while enjoying the beauty of new destinations. Here is a list of ten different sporting holiday ideas for those who are inclined towards sport vacations.

1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Drake’s Bay is a must visit holiday spot for all those who love swimming and scuba diving. This is because the bay area in Costa Rica is known for its swimming and diving activities. Here, one can swim with dolphins, as the bay is known is frequented by many dolphins, including the bottlenose, the spinner and other more common dolphins. Drakes Bay is paradise for sea lovers.

2. Australia

A favourite destination for all those who love racing, the Australian Grand Prix is an energetic, fun-filled experience that can leave spectators exhausted just watching it.

3. Portugal

One of the best destinations for Golf in the world, Portugal’s Algarve is home to over 25 popular golf courses that are often visited not just by the best players from around the world but also by the European elite.

4. Hawaii

Scuba Diving is a great way to spend a holiday and Hawaii is the best destination for this. To get an out-of-the-world experience and explore the beautiful tropical marine life in under-water regions, visit Hawaii’s best dives at Maui.

5. Tarifa

A windsurfer’s Mecca, Tarifa is among the top three windsurfing destinations in the world. Its beaches are flocked by enthusiastic surfers throughout the year. Tarifa is a perfect holiday spot for adventure lovers.

6. Vienna

Horse Racing is a great change from regular spectator sports and one place known for its perfect racetracks is Vienna. Home to the Austrian derby, Vienna has some prestigious racetracks full of activity for most of the year.

7. Nepal

White-water Rafting is one of the most thrilling and fun filled activities attracting adults and youngsters alike. A great place to experience this adventure sport is in the Karnali River in Nepal. With its class IV- V swells, tropical beaches and emerald green water, this holiday spot is the perfect combination of sightseeing and sports activities.

8. French Alps

The spectacular sights of snow capped mountains and serene surroundings are just one of the reasons why the French Alps is a great holiday spot. In addition to its splendid beauty the French Alps is the best place to ski in the whole of Europe, and is the most popular tourist spot.

9. Trinidad

Trinidad and Tobago are a favourite sporting holiday destinations among hikers as well as conservationists who enjoy trekking through its forests. This is a great destination for those interested in nature as well, as trekkers get to view the breath-taking sight of the hundreds of Leatherback turtles that come ashore to lay their eggs during the nesting season which falls around Easter.

10. Japan

Honsyu Island in Japan, often referred to as the Big game Fishing Paradise of the Pacific Ocean, is a great place to go fishing. The rejuvenating experience of fishing is multiplied by huge numbers at Honsyu to make it truly memorable.