Ten Things To Try When You Visit Spain

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Spain is a country of exotic culture and ideas with beautiful tourist destinations that can fill a book. The country teems with many cities and towns full of history that offers a view of life in another country. The great thing about these visits is experiencing what we only read in brochures.

1.) Palacio Real

This is the Royal Palace with big dimensions. It also comes with an armory, with a collection of armors and weapons housed in two stories. Madrid is proud of this emblematic building for its architecture and the treasures that can be found inside it.

2.) Plaza Mayor

Many tourists will make a stop at this place, which is well known for the events it has hosted. There had been bullfights, symphonies, markets, tournaments, and even executions held in this impressive square. It was built originally outside the walls of the city.

3.) Museum Visits

Madrid is a good place to go to when you want to see museums. There’s the National Archeology Museum, Museo de Lazaro Galdiano, Real Academia de Bella Artes de San Fernando, and Museo de America. You will find impressive displays of native cultures, art pieces collected over time, private collections of Jose Lazaro Galdiano, and archeological pieces

4.) Festivals to Watch

There are many festivals observed in several cities of the country. In Barcelona alone, one can try watching any of the following: Festes de la Mercè, Festes de Gràcia, Festes de Sants, Sant Jordi, Corpus Christi day, Fira de Santa Llúcia and Revetlla de Sant Joan. Each one observes a different procedure that makes them unique from each other.

5.) La Rambla

This boulevard is famous in Barcelona which packs a good number of tourists. The road goes from the Harbour up to the La Placa Catalunya and crosses Ciutat Vella. You will get to see some street performers and enjoy stalls that specialize in pets and flowers, and you can also get the chance to enjoy life in Barcelona as you sit and watch the

6.) Tibidabo

In the mountains, you can get a view of the city at over 500 meters high. Legend has it that this is the spot where the Devil tried seducing Jesus Christ by offering the world in exchange for the chance to be worshipped by Jesus Christ. One will be able to view a church there as well.

7.) Football

Followers of the sport of football will get a kick at visiting Camp Nou which is home to Barcelona’s football team. FC Barcelona is a club that does not depend on advertising because it so happens that it is already earning even without them. It’s nice to see a listing of the matches that have been played so far.

8.) Arabic Baths

Jerez de la Frontera is popular for its sherry wines that are being exported to other countries too. This city exists in a mix of modern and historic cultures with ease and harmony, and here, too, you will find Hammam Andalusi which is a restored building of 18th century architecture. It comes with three pools where massage and other spa treatments are offered for weary tourists.

9.) Park Güell

Art nouveau in Barcelona is offered in Park Güell, which is perched atop a hill just overlooking Barcelona. The climb up the hill can be very steep, but the patient tourist will be rewarded by the view of the entire city from there. You can also enjoy the sculptured park complete with walkways.

10.) Churches and Monasteries

You will get to visit cities in Spain that shows cathedrals and monasteries of architectural value. There’s the massive cathedral named Cathedral de la Almudena facing Palacio Real. A Gothic monastery sits in Barcelona called Monestir de Pedralbes and is covered by medieval frescoes. All are a feast for the eyes.