Honeymoon in Thailand

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Visit for a Honeymoon in Thailand: Thailand's Most Romantic Honeymoon Spots
If you're planning your honeymoon and thinking about Thailand, don't wait any longer - book your trip.Thailand is one of the most romantic countries in the world to go to for a honeymoon. Whether you like gorgeous beaches, the mountains or even big, cosmopolitan cities, Thailand has everything honeymooners could want to make their dream of a perfect honeymoon come true. Of course, like any other country, there are top destinations to go for a honeymoon and Thailand has more than its fair share. These top five best honeymoon spots in Thailand though are truly supreme and will give you a romantic honeymoon you'll be talking about for years afterwards.

Phuket Island
Phuket - Home of some of the world's best beaches, best swimming and best diving, Phuket is just gorgeous and easily gets onto the top five best honeymoon places in Thailand. With beautiful, pristine white sandy beaches, a searing blue ocean, fresh seafood, gorgeous five star hotels, lovely little out of the way restaurants, art galleries, romantic little cafes and even elephants and monkeys - Phuket is simply too die for when it comes to honeymooning. You can take a boat to see James Bond Island and the sea gypsies who live on their own floating island, eat fresh seafood just caught that morning while drinking a bottle of champagne and listening to a local Thai band, or simply lie on the beach with a cocktail and relax. Phuket is the place of choice for many honeymooners. You can also get one of many available honeymoon packages that, if you are so inclined, even include your wedding. What better way to get married than on a lovely Thai beach and then enjoy your honeymoon on spectacular Phuket island.

Hua Hin
Hua Hin - A honeymoon in Hua Hin is the choice for many Thais. Hua Hin is not only the home of the King of Thailand, it's also a lovely little fishing village that offers romantic villas and hotels, horseriding on
the beach, the world's freshest seafood in restaurants located on little piers sticking out into the ocean, wonderful cafes, a cute little night market, cool art galleries and shops, and a fun nightlife. Hua Hin is the favorite destination for Thais from Bangkok, period, for honeymoons and for every other occasion. And for newlyweds, it really does seem as though every Thai couple I know spent their honeymoon there. Hua Hin is only a three hour drive from Bangkok, but it's like another world. Not yet overdeveloped but with plenty to do, Hua Hin is a a newlyweds' dream honeymoon destination.

Thailand is famous for honeymooners for good reason. Thai people are the nicest and friendliest in the world and offer some of the best hospitality you will ever experience. You can have a honeymoon in Thailand for much less money than many other honeymoon destinations, yet in one of the most exotic locations on earth. Sun, sand, sea, nightclubs, shopping, trekking, snorkeling, diving, trekking - any kind of honeymoon you desire is waiting for you in Thailand.