How I Won a Trip to Las Vegas

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Las Vegas has always been a place that I wanted to visit. The commercials on TV about the many different things a person can do are enough to make you want to head to the airport as soon as the commercial is over. Unfortunately, I do not gamble, so I was not eligible for any free hotel rooms. Airfare is also very expensive, so Vegas was pretty much an impossibility for me.

Then one day while surfing around on the Web, I saw an advertisement for a free contest with a grand prize of a free trip for two to Las Vegas. The contest only required that a quick form be filled out and the rest was up to lady luck. This got me thinking that there had to be more contests just like this one. I let Google work its magic and before I knew it, I had entered over 100 contests online to win a free trip to Vegas.

Las Vegas
This actually led to the idea that I could win just about anything I wanted during my spare time. Hunting down different free prize sites became a hobby of sorts for me. I will, however, be the first to admit that I started to lose steam after a few weeks when I had still not won a single prize. However, just as I was about to give up, that wonderful email arrived in my inbox. I had just won a free trip to Las Vegas. And don't you know that it was the very first contest that I had entered!

The site contacted me with verification requirements and in a few weeks, I had travel vouchers in my hand to the one place I had been dying to go to, Las Vegas! We booked our trip and then the only thing to do was wait for the departure date. In the meantime, I kept hammering away at the free online contests in the hopes of winning more free stuff. Now that I had a winner, I knew it was the real deal and wanted more!

The trip itself was incredible. My parents had been to Vegas years ago, but their recollections were nothing compared to what Las Vegas looks like today. The Pirate Show outside of Treasure Island is a classic, as is the erupting volcano outside of the Mirage. However, the new additions to town have changed the dynamic of the Strip quite a bit. The most incredible of all being CityCenter. Amazing does not come close to explaining this true spectacle.

If you want to win a free trip to Las Vegas or any other place in the world, do what I did and start filling out free contests and sweepstakes online. They are easy to complete and fun to do. Visit today for more information on the latest contests and sweepstakes that are available.