Traveling To Cyprus

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Island vacations in the heart of paradise are something that many people long for. On the other hand, beaches crowded with loud tourists and towns stocked with tourist traps and other expensive stops are not what people want. Cyprus is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea that has a more genuine sort of island experience. As the birthplace of the Greek goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite, Cyprus is incredibly beautiful in itself. It is the crossroads for three continents - Asia, Africa, and Europe, so you can imagine just how diverse this island nation is. With beaches to lounge on and mountains to hike, Cyprus offers so much more than other destinations. Start by getting a passport.

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Cyprus is a historical island, and much of it is still around to be seen today. There is definitely no shortage of it to be found. Cyprus has been inhabited since the Stone Age in the 10th millennium BC, and remnants of these ancient people are still present. When you're seeing these ancient remnants, it's easy to get caught up in the enormity of our existence as humans. Choirokoitia is an ancient archaeological site where some of the best preserved prehistoric settlements in the world can be found. Officially declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this settlement has earned this distinction, and seeing it for yourself will help you see why.

Another interesting archaeological site is the Tomb of the Kings. Here, there are tombs carved out of solid rock that date back to the 4th millennium BC. One of the tomb features frescoes. In addition to these archaeological sites, Cyprus is home to some of the oldest water wells in the world, as well as being recognized as the earliest site with evidence of domesticated cat ownership.

The natural environment of Cyprus is breathtakingly beautiful, as you would expect an island in the Mediterranean Sea to be. Because it's an island, there are long stretches of untouched, uninhabited beaches where you can be the lone wanderer of your own little private beach for a while. The mountains on this island are also very beautiful. There are many, many different paths you can walk, as well as quaint mountain villages. When the snow comes in the winter, these mountains are excellent places to ski. Be sure to also visit Akamas National Park, where some of Cyprus' unique animals are, including the flamingo, the mouflon, the long-eared hedgehog, and the striped dolphin.