Kuala Lumpur

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kuala Lumpur: Walk Into The City Of Dreams
Would you like to experience a holiday that is an immaculate blend of comfort, luxury and culture? Do you want to rejuvenate yourself in the city of the famous Petronas Towers? Kuala Lumpur is a city of dreams that will take you into a realm of kaleidoscopic activities. The visitors can come back to their Malaysia Kuala Lumpur hotels after taking part in a range of activities ranging from visiting the famous Batu Caves to the bustling Chinatown and the legendary KL Towers. The architecture of Kuala Lumpur is a wonderful blend of a lot of cultures. Its skyline is so varied and magnificent that it can compete with the likes of Manhattan. The Petronas Twin Towers, Masjid Jamek, Menara Telekom, Menara Maybank, Dayabumi Complex, KL tower are all examples of the lovely blend of architecture. War struck buildings have been re-modeled and made into a long line of restaurants and bars along Tengkat Tong Shin in Bukit Bintang.

Kuala Lumpur
The Batu Caves give you a mystic feel with the beautiful naturally chiseled rocks and the monkeys making up for most of the attractions as well. Surrounded by some of the most intricately developed shrines, Batu Caves deserve to be on the top things in your to-do list while in KL. One of the most popular architectural monuments that grab your attention is none other than the world’s second tallest tower, the Petronas Twin Towers. Also known as the Twin jewels, it provides a bird’s eye view of the entire city from the majestic bridge connection the two towers. It is an embodiment of myriad activities and is bound to keep you on your toes with the sophisticated brands and Petronas Scientific Centre.

Explore an Exciting Destination
A visit to Kuala Lumpur goes incomplete without the experience of viewing the legendary Menara KL Towers. Its spindle-like apex is visible from almost anywhere in this city. It is built atop the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve and also boasts of a revolving restaurant, an amphitheatre and plenty of souvenir shops. Chinatown paints a bigger and better picture of the heart of this city that never sleeps. It is immersed in a bevy of mystic Chinese culture and bustles with activity all through the days and nights. It is a shopper’s paradise with all the bargain and stores that one can find. Chinatown offers a myriad of choices to the tourists and the locals, right from the delicious street food to the reasonably priced merchandise and much more to all and sundry.

The Central and the Chow kit wet markets are known for their supermarket Carrefour and reminiscent to the SohHo flea market with all sorts of traders bustling with enthusiasm to allure customers. The Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is world renowned for the variety of species of birds that it houses. It boasts of over 3000 birds, ranging from the hornbills to the flamingos and the flamboyantly colored parrots. Visitor can walk away their day admiring these gorgeous creatures and their well-maintained habitats. Visitors can relax and have a great time at a Kuala Lumpur hotel and enjoy an unforgettable vacation in one of the most famous cities in the world.